Friday, December 16, 2011


Impact means to drive or press closely or firmly into something, to collide with, to have an effect on, to altar.

Several things in the last seven days have impacted my life and reflecting back I can only describe it as the WITH of God.  God with us and showing His unconditional love and power and tenderness.

Impact #1, Embracing suffering.

Last Friday was Jack Keller's funeral service.   It was the most amazing, uplifting, praise & worship service I have ever attended. Jack's brothers spoke as well as two friends who are pastors. This young man along with his family has shown us how to embrace suffering and live fully for Christ.  Living suffering while thanking God that He saved you and saying "use me for your glory" only results in the suffering being transformed into the face of Jesus, the One who suffered for us.   You can listen to the service or read Jack's entire story at 

"Jack Keller did not lose the fight.....he won the battle. He did not die....he became fully alive.
My most precious and beloved Jack met his Savior - Jesus tonight. He is beholding the Glory of his God....
dancing with the angels and embracing the reality that all of the suffering was fully worth it.....
because Heaven is worth it all
-Sarah Keller, December 1, 2011
Impact #2, Light in the Deepest Darkness
We visited Bethel church in Fargo on Sunday. The message was about shame and guilt.  Do you ever feel shaken?  When we do we feel loss and shame, we live with it in silence, as related to in Psalm 13. Shame is an intense feeling of despair brought on by guilt or by a threat. Shame goes round and round and tells us we are a mess and there is a dense black darkness and isolation. 
Isaiah 9:1-7 tells us in the midst of darkness, there was light.
That God will win, will help, will defeat our enemies.  God will not let me down. Even when others attack us in deceptive, manipulative ways and make us question who we are, even when we mess up (we all want to live so perfect but it's impossible.)  God is and wants to be right in the middle of our mess!  He loves messes!
Mighty God is my herioc warrior and a Just, Tender and Wise Everlasting Father.
This message really blessed my husband.  It was the encouragement his sister had prayed for five days earlier.  You can listen to this at
Impact #3, Victory
"Count your victories," my friend Marlys told me in our phone conversation.  (She the mother of Jack above.)  Marlys has always fed me the Word of God.(along with alot of other good food) Defeat is not in her life - even though her life has been full of battles, struggles and suffering - she looks at life through Christ and His victory.  She said - don't think about how hard life is - take each day and each new situation and think - that was a victory.  It could be as simple as just getting out of bed but you say "I did it - I'll count it as a victory."  Or it might be something almost impossible to comprehend, like losing a child like Marlys did; but you look at the Victory and not the defeat.  This really was the Lord speaking through Marlys and I have already shared this with three other people who it has impacted.  God is mysterious and amazing.
Impact #4, Prayer Power
I met a young man named Nick Hall when he was in college and started praying for him.  Now some 8 years later he is a young evangelist with a fast growing ministry called PULSE.  They had a Christmas event called, "The Reason" last week that was amazing and the music, the deep drive and determination to share the gospel collided within me as I worshipped and listened.  Nick's mention of my praying for him gave me great encouragement and was like salve to my soul which had been injured this year.  The next morning, Cindy, who had stayed in our home, prayed with and for me and it was like your favorite homemade frosting on a cake (that's putting it lightly).  It had such a strong effect, this wonderful things called prayer - bringing everything under His authority and it altared my life to once again come home to His sweet presence and remember He is indeed my Counselor of Wonder and Prince of Peace.
You can learn more about the PULSE ministry by going to
May your life collide with them for the Glory of God.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mercy Come Morning

Mercy Come Morning by Lisa Tawn Bergren

This is one of those books that you know what’s coming, but it is a delight to keep reading and just let the end keep building and developing into a beautiful story that leaves you smiling and satisfied.  The beginning of this book was not a page turner for me, but the story of the relationships and trying to find love and acceptance and forgiveness intertwines so brilliantly and I foun and myself really liking the characters.

The strained relationship between a mother and daughter is not one I could relate to but the author takes us back to the past time and time again to unveil things that were not known or that were forgotten.  The mother, near death as the book opens, has Alzheimer’s and this book does a good job of showing how this disease progressed and how hard it was for the one suffering with this disease and the young daughter, now in her late 30's, misunderstanding and coming to accept and understand.

The love story in this book is wonderful and shows a man who waits and prays and is patient; a type of Jesus figure who loves unconditionally.  It is also the love story between a daughter and her mother, beautifully brought full circle because forgiveness reigns.

This book was first published as “Christmas Every Morning” because it is Christmas time and new life is about to be born – through death and thru the laying down of burdens.  I’m sure I read this several years ago and I do not usually read books twice, but this one was worth it.  Lisa Tawn Bergren is a wonderful writer who gives us the real gift of Christmas through her writings.  One of my favorite parts is when Christmas hymns are being sung and reading the lyrics from these powerful songs.

I received this book free from Waterbrook/Multnomah in exchange for this review.

Monday, December 12, 2011


"To be saved by Christ,
be used for His glory."

Jack Keller
Unwavering grace in the midst of bluntness.

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Sound among the Trees by Susan Meissner

 Ghosts, superstitions, and a character close to calling up the dead were a surprising theme in this book.  The characters were so caught up in the past and thinking about the spiritual world that their normal lives were disrupted and they spent their time dwelling on the unknown.  This part of the book seemed to go on and on and I was waiting for one of them to turn to the Lord and His word but it never happened. This would have made the book worth reading to me.

 However, when letters from the Civil War are found, we are allowed to read them.  Again, I felt the letters went on and on and did not develop this woman into a more mature person from the suffering and turmoil of war.  The love portrayed for a man she met as a child was again dwelled upon and the character never goes to God’s Word for direction.  The latter part of the book was more of a page turner and caught my interest but I was also disappointed.  Although we know the most messed up character did indeed find God, there are no details so we are left hanging.

It’s ironic I’m doing this review on Halloween.  Even though the house wasn’t haunted, it had that reputation and the house itself seemed to affect everyone who entered.  I would have preferred that God would be invited to dwell there and He could do an extreme makeover that would have awed us and shown us His glory and power.

Susan Meissner is one of my favorite authors.  I am sorry to give a bad review but this book was not one of my favorite.

I received this book free from Waterbrook/Multnomah in exchange for this review.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Broken lives ....... we need one another

  • He came to my door with a longing in his eyes.  Sadness & pain.  Wondering what to do. Needing some to listen.  A broken marriage.  Fixing it seems impossible.

  • She sat crying at my table.  Divorce had never seemed an option, but here it was and she had to deal with it even though she would rather sweep it under a rug.

  • The prodigal daughter - a mom opens up and longs for time to reverse and for God to intervene.

  • The prodigal son - rebellion - and a tiny life appears from reckless choices.  A father devestated and grieving, crying out to God in desperation.

  • Accusations and interpretations.  Wounded by the power of words.  Unforgiveness reigning.  Will we allow the Savior in?  How do we live in this world when we all say we love Christ yet we tear one another down? 

People around us need us to share their burdens, to listen, to love them, to pray with them.

Beneath the surface of our lives is brokenness ........
Only Christ can put the pieces back together. And sometimes HE uses a weak, simple, uneducated woman like me.

What an amazing privledge it is to be a vessel for Him.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm a first born.  I've always loved being alone.  I used to love when my parents & siblings would go for an evening and I would get to stay home all by myself.  And I'm a Mary -- a women who loves to sit at the feet of Jesus.  These two combined could keep my in my prayer chair for hours.  And the last 2 - 3 years, God has taught me that I am a prayer warrior and an intercessor.  I love praying for others and sending prayers, His word, and devotions to those He has connected me with. But in April of this year I was praying for changes.  The Lord sent me to Idaho to Real Life Church to a discipleship training and then the nudges and kicks to get up and get out of my comfort zone starting coming.

As I was questioning not living closer to my church where I felt a longing to be more involved the Lord reminded me I do not live there (I'm 50 miles away).  I prayed "Show me what else I should change and do to serve you Lord.  Sometimes I think I"m wasting time.  Let nothing hinder my cooperation with You."

After that prayer, I picked up a devotional that said, "we have no right to decide where we should be placed... God engineers everything wherever He places us & we should POUR OUT our lives in wholehearted devotion."

The next day I went into town to help my friend pack up her house.  I was prompted to call two friends... (I did). 

My hubby goes into town for breakfast & coffee every morning.  I never did.  So the Lord kicked me (it seemed like it) and told me to go to town 2 mornings a week.  I did and I do.  I'm forming new relationships.  I prayed to love others unconditionally and that if I was judging others, it would be turned into crazy love for Jesus.

Since then - it's been a wild & crazy summer.  It's been challenging and stretching.

  • My son graduated from college.  We had a grad party with too much food but we ate together.
  • We evaculated our friends and family from their houses - twice.
  • We watched as their houses were flooded.  We cried, we prayed. 
  • My niece & nephew came to stay for a few days We washed clothes and ate together.
  • My cousin & hubby came to stay for a few days. They stayed for 2 months & they washed their clothes & we ate together.
  • My aunt & uncle came to stay for a new days. They washed their clothes & we ate together.
  • We hosted a family & friends picnic.  We ate together.
  • Met the parents of my Indian daughter who were visiting from India.
  • Went to a beautiful lake home for a ministry retreat.  Refreshing, reviving.... we were served and we prayed and praised and ate together.
  • We reunited with cousins at at family reunion.  We ate together.
  • My cousin from Florida stayed with us.  He baked up a storm. We ate it!
  • My cousin from California stayed with us for a week.  We laughed, ate, and washed clothes.
  • Grandchild #10 was born.  Went to meet him.
  • My daughter, son-in-law and 5 grandkids came to stay for a week .  The house was full and wonderful.  And yes, we  ate, and washed clothes.
  • My daughter & 3 grandkids came to stay - moving day was postponed and my son-in-law started a new job.  The house was full and wonderful.  And we ate and washed clothes.
  • I went to stay with the daughter above on moving day.  I washed clothes & played hard with the kids as she unpacked.
  • Grandchild #11 was born and I went to stay for a week.  I washed clothes, played hard, made meals & held a week old baby in my arms. 
Intertwined into each day is God's presence and power. God has shown me intercession does not have to be done with my alone in my prayer chair. It is way of life.  Praying for each one in the midst of them, when I'm living life, when I'm working, when I"m playing, when I"m serving. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chocolate Truffles & Life

The Chocolate Diaries  by Karen Scalf Linamen

Reading this book is like visiting a good friend.  When you arrive she is happy to see you .  She knows you really well and you do not talk about the weather or gossip about a neighbor.  She listens and you know she loves you.  You can be goofy and kick your shoes off and let your hair down and just laugh and she laughs with you.  She knows when to just sit and let you vent, and then gently leads you to words that give life from the Word of God.  You can cry and not feel ashamed and you know that even if she doesn’t completely understand, she will still be your friend.  And if that’s not enough, she brings out the dark chocolate truffles and lets you indulge.

This book just got better and better.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was relating to the author but then a friend would visit and I would read a chapter to her and she could  thoroughly relate.  Other times I was promoted to send a quote from the book to a friend that encouraged them.  I’m sure I’ll use this book time and time again to share with women (and men) who are going through the rocky roads of life like depression, divorce, sickness, children rebelling, or appliances breaking.  The stories shared are real yet shared with a passion for life that is more of need.  My favorite quote in the book is “when you’re flat on your back, keep looking up.  You’re looking in the right direction”. This book will encourage you and challenge you to do just that.
I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Words that seem to jump...

Encouraging Quotes:

"We rarely have any idea how significant the seemingly insignificant things we do end up being."   ("Finding Glory in the Thorns" by Lisa & Larry Jamieson

God "works in ways we can't predict.  He can use even our inconveniences to bring honor to His name".  ("Our Daily Bread" by Dave Branon)"

Words that touched my Heart:

"Everyone cries at the Christ Hike" by Emma B. (referring to a live hike showing the persecution & death of Christ on the Cross)

"This morning I feel so blessed. I am so thankful for my family! And God is a great, great God."  (Text message, Ashley T.)

"I love you, and Jesus loves you."  (Pastor Tim, with tears in his eyes, in his final sermon in Butte)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beauty versus destruction

The lake in northern Minnesota was clear and calm. I stood on the dock watching the sun go down praising God for the beauty around me. It was an act of God that I was at this place, in awe of His creation. I had been swimming earlier enjoying the water with small fish swimming all around me. I had been boating and aahed at the landscapes and homes along the shore. Leaving wasn't even a thought except that I had a real life to get back too.

Two days later I stood on the edge of my friend's backyard that was still filled flood waters. We had many memories of this yard of campfires, picnics, a wedding reception and just plain good times. Now dirty, contaminated water filled the once green grass. This water was not beautiful. The house that once held many friends for games and prayer, laughter and tears had been filled with this ugly water, the basement still is. We gutted it, removing everything. I would not touch this water. I stared at it in disgust wishing it would go away. I wanted to leave.

Beauty versus destruction.

My friends at the lake praise our great and mighty God.
My friends in the flood praise our great and mighty God.

Would you?

Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breathe praise the Lord.

2 Corinthians 4:7-10
But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.  We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;  persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.  We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hope against all odds

Out of a Far Country by Christopher Yuan & Angela Yuan

I talk to so many women who are looking for hope in their marriages and for their wayward children, so I was drawn to Angela Yuan’s story immediately.  She opens the door to her heart and let's us in to see her emptiness, pain, and hopelessness.  

Christopher’s honesty shocks and saddens me and opens my eyes to how so many young people are deceived and looking for happiness in all the wrong places.  He is raw and real as he tells about sex and drugs.   It is shocking just how good destruction can look.

This was not an easy book to read and yet from hopelessness comes hope, from death comes life, from the darkness comes light.  The Yuan’s show that a life turned to God, filled with prayer & patience, will always find Him faithful.  God can and still does the impossible.  An amazing story of one families life restored and revived will give great hope to others.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Marriage: Love and War

Storms, foxes, adventure, swords, and sex are just a few of the things John & Stasi Edlredge associate with marriage in their book, "Love & War".  Their willingness to be transparent and open up their own lives helps us see ourselves and gives us hope for our own marriages.

Where most women I know have read Stasi's book, "Captivating" and loved it; I'd never read it, but have read John's book "Wild at Heart" and loved it!  Telling life like it is - that raw honesty is what I relate too.  I love learning about God's plan for us as married couples.  "Love & War" reminds me of this and how we all are a mess and get it wrong time and time again but can be overcomers and live with our spouses and love them and bless them and get up and start again each time we mess up. 

This does not read like a Christmas letter where life is perfect and everything is rosy.  It is real life being played out and shared.  The Eldridge's share their frustrations, fights, demons, and more and how to step to a new level of marriage with prayer, reading God's word, obedience, and surrender of self; something we all need and thirst for but many times don't know how or are unwilling to find.

Their hands on approach and common sense makes this book very easy to read and understand.  The advice they give is easy to follow.  The prayers shared in the back of the book are wonderful.  I have so many highlights and have started sharing quotes with my friends because there are so many things to relate to.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.
Thank you very much!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"Delight yourself in the Lord."   Reflecting on that portion of Psalm 37:4, I was thinking about what "delight" means.  I recently was visiting my 6 month old granddaughter, Hadassah, and she is what came to my mind.  She is definitely a "delight".  She smiles and her eyes shine and when she looks at you, her face lights up.  She observes everything around her and kicks her feet up in joy, and there is no doubt that she enjoys to be with you.

So these are the questions I ask myself?

  1. Do I smile at the Lord?
  2. Do my eyes shine as I look to Him?
  3. Does my face light up in His presence?
  4. Do I observe HIs presence and kick up my feet (dance in joy)?
  5. Does He know I enjoy to be with Him?
Oswald Chambers says  that there is a delight in despair, a joy in hopelessness;  and I see and talk to so many weary people.  He goes on to say that delight is knowing that there is something in us which must fall prostrate before God, realizing He is our only hope of being raised up.

Psalm 37:4 goes on says "And He will give you..." 

"He will"  means absolutely, for sure, never failing, no doubt, trustworthy, reliable, responibility.  

"Give you" ...... that means me, the one He created.

My mind and heart can't quite wrap itself around this truth.  And then it goes on and says He gives me "the desires of your heart".  Out of weariness, someone recently said to me "I don't know what the desires of my heart are anymore".

For me "Desires" are longings, stirrings, something inside of me wanting to be let out, a giving of myself which in turn takes in great blessing, not being stuck.  It's God's Holy Spirit covering mine.  It's a mystery.

"Of my heart" is:
  • Longing for the presence of God 24/7 instead of visiting despair
  • Relationships at peace put together by God, belonging to God, molded by God instead of trying on my own
  • Wanting God to take my heart completely and transform it
(I get in the way in all of these)

God's instructions continue in this Psalm -- give Him my ways, trust, be still and wait patiently; then refrain from anger, do not fret.  That's overwhelming and failure seems inevitable.

Then little Hadassah's face & smile come to mind and I turn in abandonment to the only one who can make my face shine, my feet leap, and my heart smile. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fresh Joy

With a prompting from my husband this morning, with a question about being robbed of JOY, I ran to The Source of JOY and asked for some answers.  Here they are:

  • The ability to find Joy is a tremendous strength
  • Spend Joy with abandon
  • Encouragement is a Joyous art form
  • Recharge - roll down a green hillside with childlike Joy
Proverbs 8:30-31 "I was filled with delight day after day rejoicing always in His presence, rejoicing in the whole world and delighting in mankind."  Boy do I need HELP with this -- I am not rejoicing in the whole world or mankind.  Many times I think they stink.
  • Absorb God's Joy more fully
  • Joy - dance in the streets of Bethlehem
  • The path of Joy runs straight thru the heart of pain and suffering
  • Joy - fixing my eyes and my heart and my mind on Jesus, "who for the joy set before Him endured the cross"  Hebrews 12:2
  • Joy - not growing weary and losing heart
  • Joy is prayer
  • Joy - burning with love  
Oh, how I want to burn with love.
And out of that fire Fresh Joy will be born.

Monday, May 2, 2011


"I'm bored" my niece Mary said during our skype session.  And she repeated it 6 times.

Bored.  What does that mean?  I looked it up and it says world-weary, blase.  Blase means indifferent to or bored with life; unimpressed, as or as if from an excess of worldly pleasures.
Unimpressed with worldly pleasures -- when the world seems to say here I am, take me and you will be happy.

World-weary.  Weary - dissatified and unimpressed.

I think I'm bored too, and there's only one place to turn. 

Romans 12:2-5 (New Living Translation)

2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


1.  Sounds
  • A chorus of bird singing in our trees....beautiful and unbelielveable
  • The knocking of the sump pump as it winds down .... knock, knock, grrr, knock
  • Our morning praise song .... great to wake up to
  • The telephone ringing .... inevitable
  • The beep of my cell phone ... I love getting texts
  • The shop vac roaring as my husband sucks up the water in the basement

2.  Moments
  • Skyping my grandkids  -- indescribable
  • Praying with my husband - indescribable
  • Beating my husband at pinochle -- fun!
  • Riding my new bike -- I"m out of shape
  • Helping my friend pack - I'm out of shape!
  • Quiet time in my prayer chair -- indescribable
3.  Thoughts
  • Oh, lonesome me.
  • God is able to use a weak, lonesome woman
  • I want to be as thankful as my husband for these inconveniences
  • Here's my life Lord ... help me to sing like the birds

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Canary List

This book was a page turner from the prologue on.  The intrigue and suspense was so intense and I wanted to find out how it would turn out and what was going to happen to my favorite characters, Crockett Grey, a school teacher, living with heartache, and Jamie, a foster child, looking for real love.  It is an extremely bazaar plot and keeps getting more and more bazaar as the book goes on and actually ends on that note.  It's complicated and I was never sure who the true good guys and bad guys were and the end leaves me hanging, not knowing if the characters I love will get there lives restored.  For those of you who love tangled messes and consipracy, this is your book.  For those of you like me who like the relationships and life situations resolved, read carefully.  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There's a Robin

My husband and I thought we'd have a "crud club".  We've been coughing and hacking and laying around with "the crud" for about a week.  We both rotated a varous times of the early morning to other beds to force some sleep on the other.  Our attitude has started to lean on the g word -- as we are so sick off this "crub or curd or crud", whatever you want to call it that you might her a grumble or two coming from our house.

I've been reading through the book of John this month.  It's been hard to read the last week because of my "crudy head" and as I turned to Chapter 6 today the 1st word I noticed on the page was "grumble".  Seems like we people have been "grumbling" forever and we seen to take some kind of comfort in it.  "STOP grumbling" Jesus said.  This chapter has alot more to say -- but these are the only TWO words I needed for today.  "Stop grumbling".

And why should I -- I still don't feel that good, I'm still hacking .... and then my hubby said "Look, there's a robin."    I looked up -- and there they were -- not just one, but 3 robins -hopping around the barren trees and the ground still covered with snow; not grumbling, but joyfully flying around knowing and trusting their Creator would be provide everything they need. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Power - The Only Way

When I opened "31 Days of Power" by Ruth Myers, my 1st thought was - this does not look as good as her other 2 books, which I devoured and learned so much from.  I thought it was just another book of Bible verses put together with another author's viewpoint.  I browsed it without much interest.

Then one morning my son called with a problem in his life, which just frustrated me because of the dishonesty and lies of the people in this world.  Then my daughter  called an hour later and needed to vent about a hard situation, again bent on the deceit of this world and how it sucks us in.

I wanted to just escape all of this and was really not feeling that good.  I ran to the TV to watch a movie on Netflix and while going to the movie Ellen came on.  As I watched this show for a couple minutes reality stuck and it was as if the Lord said "You don't need to watch TV - you need to pray."  I knew this was true immediately.

When I went to pray, there was "31 Days of Power".  I picked it up and started praying the verses outloud - going into war for my daughter and my son.  Then I knew why I had chosen this book.  I prayed through several days of prayers .... and as the subtitle says, immediately I was "Learning to Live in Spiritual  Victory".

This book IS as good as Mrs.  Myers other books.  It is a great and powerful tool to use everyday and especially on those days you just don't "feel" like interceeding or praying.  Her love for the Word of God is so strong.  She is a spiritual pilgrim who shares from her own experiences.  Whether your battle is large or small, this book will help you to put on the armor you need for the fight, and will give you the assurance that we win.

Disclaimer: I received this book compliments of Waterbrook Multnomah for which I am so thankful.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How a Day Changes

Yesterday - after finally getting my hubby home from Texas - via Detroit, Minneapolis, Bismarck -- the long route,  and I, myself, staying in town for Sunday through Tuesday (an extra night) and driving 300 miles -- I was settled into staying home and really enjoying it!!  By settling in I mean throwing in a load of clothes, making some muffins and getting caught up on email. 

Then the phone rang....

God had other plans for my day.

And I said "yes".

It would have been easier to give any of the excuses below which were all true.

  • I just got home and don't want to drive another 100 miles
  • My husband is really busy and needs me to be here
  • I'm getting company tomorrow and have to get my house ready
  • I'm tired and my body is aching
But I didn't.  Somehow what I've been studying in the word of God and what I've challenged with through our new pastor - I knew I had to go.  By going I was:
  • forgetting about my own agenda which I love to hang onto
  • letting His Spirit take to to a new place that i wasn't necessarity comfortable with
  • putting people above of stuff to do
  • letting God use his weak vessel with the equipment he has given me
Oh how amazing is our God.  To let him write out my schedule, adjust my plans, and rewrite my list is something i truly am ready for.  I'd just better buckle up with his word -- because it's going to be quite a ride.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

31 Days of Prayer

If Prayer is a passion -- one of my passions is prayer.  This little book "31 days of prayer" by Ruth an Warren Myers was given to me as a gift by one of my prayer partners.  It is simply wonderful.  My copy is highlighted, underlined, written in with different colors, and has exclamation points and astericks thoughout.  There is a different prayer and extra thoughts for each day of the month.  Each prayer is written using the words of our God.  They are powerful and touch your spirit.  It is amazing how they speak into your life and circumstances at just the right time.   The subtitle of this book if "moving God's mighty hand"; Ruth and Warren Meyers share these personal prayers in which they have seen and lived seeing the mighty hand of God move in their lives.  It can also move in yours.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Radical Review

This book could be an easy read for some. Platt writes this book just like you are sitting and having coffee with him and explains the Bible in simple and tangible ways which make it real and leaves you craving more. But this was not a fast read for me. This is a book that challenges me to look inside and outside and all around me to figure out who I really am in this world, what I am doing in this world, and how I am living it out if I say I am a follower of Christ. Platt is not just challenging me, he is living what he writes. His steps out of “the American dream” into a life of radial abandonment to Jesus are simple, yet profound.
He introduces me to take an honest look at Jesus and ask myself if I really believe and really want to obey Christ. What do my decisions & my lifestyle show? This is not easy to do – to evaluate my own life and see just how much I have chosen the “American dream” over faith in Christ. And yet Platt understands as he has the same failings as me. He encourages and offer a simple “Radial Experiment” for me to commit to for a year; and in taking this risk knows that following Jesus will turn my life upside down and crazy and that it will never be the same; and is confident I would never want it to be.
This is a must read for every believer in America. . It’s time to take our faith back and from the American dream and let Jesus Christ transform and make that dream His.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now

I talk to so many people who are deceived. They believe lies. They don't know the Truth and are so indoctrinated by the culture that they actually argue for the lies they believe. They walk around pretending to be full but are empty. They are in despair and confused -as if in a FOG. Only God can part the fog and bring clear skies. And this is not deceit - for "it is God himself who has given those who know Him the work of telling others. So we never give up. We do not try to trick people into believing - we are not interested in fooling anyone. We never try to get anyhone to believe that the Bible teaches what it doesn't. All such shameful methods we forego. We stand in the presence of God as we speak and so we tell the truth, as all who know us will agree." God will let there be light in the dark FOG and will bring bright rainbows and blue skies. Here's one of my favorite songs..... sing along, dance, and enjoy.

Lyrics | Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now lyrics

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Waterbrook Multnomah Book Review "Lady In Waiting"

Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner

The first page of "Lady In Waiting" had me hooked when Jane, the main character, managed an attic store. You see, I come from a town of 80 people, and for ten years I prayed for God to send me a prayer partner. When He did, she opened an antique shop and we had a blast setting it up and buying new products for it. So right away I was connected to Jane and wanted to know more.

Then in Chapter 2, Jane's marriage is on the rocks. I am drawn even closer to Jane now because I talk to so many women who are in similar marraiges; so I am very curious as to what Jane is going to do.

Then the book turns to the 1500's because of an old ring Jane finds and we are introducted to another "Jane". Susan Meissner transitions easily to this time period and the story flows, told passionately by Lucy, Jane' seamstress. This is a book you can't (or don't want to) put down.

I love how the author knows how to relate to us readers in the small things, such as eating "a bag of jalapeno kettle chips, the kind that once you start, you can't stop eating," and in the big things, like our responsibilities and relationships with the family God has given us. Duty and loyalty or the lack of teach us that life for those of royalty is not what it appears to be.

"Lady in Waiting" is like reading two fantastic books at once, one contemporary fiction, and the other historial fiction. It also stretches your imagination to dream and stirs in you to think about your life, the people you love, and the choices you make. This book is about choices we make and how each one is like a ripple in the water and affects th other. Just read it; you won't be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I received this book compliments of Waterbrook Multnomah for which I am so thankful.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Reading & More Reading

In 2010, I decided to read the books that had been on my shelves collecting dust. I had either gotten them as a gift or picked them up randomly. It was either read them or give them away. I took them out and put them in a basket (I mean baskets) so I could easily see them. Many of them were nonfiction, which I really like, so I had to throw in a fiction from a friend or the library just to lighten up my reading every once in a while. So here's list of the 2010 books I read!

1. Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury - this is a fiction book about abortion and finding forgivesness. It's an easy read and has strong emphasis in scripture and prayer.

2. Unveiled by Francene Rivers - this is the a historial fiction on the real life of Tamar from the Bible. She is such a great writer and it brings this sad story alive.

3. The Beginner's Guide to Fasting by Elmer Towns - this was a wonderful book and it really stirred my faith. This is one of the books God used to move my heart to Praise Him and to seek His Presence and Power (the 3P's) in a new way in 2010. I'd like to read more book by him.

4. Called & Accountable by Henry Blackaby - this was my son's book and it was fun to read because he had written in it and highlighted. I also highlighted so this book is marked up. It is full of scripture and wisdom and I loved it. It is the 2nd book that God gave me with the 3P's in for 2010.

5. If I Gained the World by Linda Nichols - was a wonderful fiction book with scriptures and God's hand in the characters, with the rejected and desolute turning to Christ to transform their lives. A great read and I recommend to everyone. I finished in book on the airplane and gave to another woman who was reading.

6. Triving Despite a Difficult Marraige by Michael & Chuck Misja - this is a very good book on marriage and hot to live (thrive) God's way (I read and have alot of book on marriage because God has given me a passion for marriage His way.)

7. Shaped by Faith by Theresa L.Rowe - tells 10 secrets to strengthening the body and soul. Good information on whole body wellness, combining exercises, physically and spiritually. Wonderful prayers at the end of each chapter. (This book came with a DVD of pilates exercises with soft music, great instruction and the words of God being read during exercises.)

8. Living the Lord's Prayer by David Timms - this is a fantastic book. Eleven chapters that tke phrases of the Lord's prayer and go deep to really know the Lord. Not a quick easy read. I really should read it again to grasp more. The ideal thing would be to read this with others and dicussion as a study. (David Timms writes a weekly devotional that is worthy looking up.)

9. Victory over Darkness by Neil Anderson - a great book on knowing your identity in Christ.

10. Come Thirsty by Max Lucado - an easy to read book, faith strengthening stories and scripture.

11. All That Glitters by Gilbert Morris. I really did not like this book and just wanted to get through with it. The end was my favorite party and a few other spots where faith was brought in.

12. The Hidden Power of a Believer's Touch by Mahesh Chavda is on healing and the power of the Holy Spirit. This was another book on my road to know the Lord more initmately.

13. Then Comes Marraige by Angela Hunt & Bill Myers is a novella about marraige and doubt and your vows to God. It's a cute book and good for newlyweds.

14. Forgotten God by Francis Chan. My husband (who doesn't read many books) bought this book and read it first. It is a fantastic book on learning and living with the Holy Spirit in our lives. Great examples that will WOW you.

15. Cast the Wind before me by Brandlynn Collins is an easy to read fiction book that I read when I was visiting my grandkids. It's a fast read because you have to find out what happens. It's an okay book but not my favorite.

16. Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas is a great book on marriage from a male author. Biblical perspective and sound teaching and real life examples. I highly recommend this book.

17. Take 3 by Karen Kingsbury. I was not going to read this because Take 1 and Take 2 were not my favorites but our bookmobile sent it to me. It's an easy read and better than the first two but still not my favorite. It is too much back and forth with the thoughts of college age kids and not enough scripture.

18. Total Forgiveness by RT Kendall was recommended to me by one of my prayer partners. I related more to the last half of the book. It has great tools and increased my awareness to forgive God's way.

19. Faith Like Potatoes by Angus Buchan. A friend gave Jerry this post to read. I wasn't going to read it since I'd seen the moviw but it was a small book and I knew it would only take me a couple days so I read it. What a huge blessing! It's a story of someone who falls in love with God and commits his life to get to know and listen and act and obey and follow Him. I loved this book. It is about common sense and God and if you step out He does miracles.

20. Oswald Chambers Abandoned to God by David McCasland. Wow, what a man and what a wife, people really and truly abandoned to God. This book left me wanting to leave mroe of myself and want more of Him.

21. A Love Worth Giving by Max Lucado. Max is s great storyteller and went through 1 Corinthians 13. Chapter 12 was my favorite.

22. Turn by Max Lucado - a great book on 1 Chonicles.

23. Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. An excellent book that ALL women should read. God has alot to say through this author.

24. The Secret's of Dr. Kildare by Max Brand. I picked this 1939 fiction up off my friend's shelf of antic book. It was fun easy reading but I missed the "more" that I find in Christian fictionl

25. The Power of Praying Together by Stormie Omartian & Jack Hayford. This book really confirms and teaches my beliefs in prayer and taught me alot more of waht an intercessor is and drives me to want to pray and be in prayer groups.

26. Loneliness by Elizabeth Elliott. One of my favorite books. She is a great writer. It's about losing our lives for the Lord and laying our lives down.

27. At the Scent of Water by Linda Nichols. She is my favorite fiction author right now. This book is based on the book of Job - suffering, pride, blame, repenance and forgiveness.

28. Take Four by Karen Kingsbury. As in Take Three, not my favorite fiction. Too much college girl drama for me.

29. Mark of the Lion Series Book 1 - Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers
30. Book 2 - Echo in the Darkness
31. Book 3 - Sure of the Dawn
  • My friend gave my these books and told me to read them. They are at least 500 pages each and I thought "maybe sometime", but once I started I was captivated. Rivers has written life-changing fiction that stirs you to become an empty vessel so Christ can fill you to serve Him and others in radial ways. If you like to read, these are a MUST.

32. God's Missionary People by Charles VanEngen. I read this for our Wednesday night study at church. It was a hard read, dry but lots of Biblical points.

33. Crazy Love by Francis Chan was one of those books thata challenged me to love the Lord and love others and to step out of my comfort zone into the world to be a disciple of Jesus. I loved it and should read it again. This book should not be on the shelf. I would love to discuss it slowly with others and be held accountable to live as crazy in love with Jesus.

34. THE BIBLE -- All year I was reading through the Bible -- the living words of God. They are always life changing. I had to read it quickly and there were so many times I wanted to study and know more. I do not consider it an accomplishment, I consider it a privledge and an honor. May God give me the mind and heart to remember His words, to live them out daily, and share them with others.