Thursday, March 25, 2010

What are you wearing?

What are you wearing today?

Did you put on the clothes that the Lord picked out for you?
I’m sure they were lying neatly on the bed waiting for you to put them on?
I’m sure He was there to help in case you thought some of them seems a little tight.
They ALL fit perfectly – even thought sometimes you don’t think so.

He wants to clothe you…
With Joy
With Patience
With Peace
With Kindness
With Goodness
With Gentleness
With Self-control
With LOVE.

They are beautiful and fit perfectly
The more you wear them
They will be your favorite things to put on
You’ll never leave your bedroom without them
They are fresh and new every morning
You don’t get them at a 2nd hand store
And you can’t buy them with money
They are worth more than your whole wardrobe
So the ? is – are you going to keep picking out your clothes?
Are you going to keep putting on what you want?
Or will you let Jesus?
Will you wear what He has picked out for you?

Monday, March 8, 2010

He Calls Me Beautiful

Yes - He calls me beautiful.

I never thought I was.
I didn't like the way I looked.
I dreamed of being a gorgeous model.
I stared at other girls and wished I was like them.
I thought "if I grow my hair long" then I'll be beautiful.
I did - I wasn't.

Then I met Him.
And He called me beautiful.
Not once, but twice, 3 X's, 4X's and on and on.
"You're beautiful."

It took awhile, but I heard and I listened.
I looked in his eyes and saw that he meant it.
His voice was gentle and genuine.
I felt it in his embrace and in his touch.

He loves me.
He even loves me though he knows all about me.
More than anyone else - all the secrets.
And yet he loves me and
He calls me beautiful.

His name starts with "J'.
His name is Jesus.
His name is Jerry.