Saturday, July 31, 2010

Top "10" books

I was challenged to put down my top "10" books. This is a challenge because I LOVE to read and read almost 4 books per month. I started writing down everybook I read with comments a few years ago because I suspected I was re-reading a book half way into it and I was also facilitating a bookclub so wanted to remember what we had read.

It might be easier to make my top 10 books I didn't like, and this list may change next year - but here goes. Actually I think I'm going to re-read these in 2011 - so that should help me make my list.

1. The Politically Incorrect Wife by Nancy Cobb and Connie Grisby
2. The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Ormartian
(God used these books to change my marriage and show me how wonderfully He designed a woman's role. I now have a passion for helping other women and have a top 10 list of marriage books.)
3. What Happens When Women Walk in Faith by Lisa Terkeurst
(God challenged me and changed my direction as I listened to His promptings and quit my job, spent time with my dad, and He directed my path.)
4. Making Jesus Lord by Loren Cunningham
5. Holiness by Henry Blackaby
(These books started showing me the importance of surrender and living by the power of the Holy Spirit.)
6. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala. (I love books on prayer - it's another of my passions.)
7. Calvary Road by Roy Hession (radial living)
8. Victory Over Darkness by Neil Anderson (know our identity in Christ - who we really are)
9. Emma's Journal by Ed Rowell (a fiction makes the list - I should have a top 10 fiction - this is about living for Him and learning and growing no matter what our age)
10. Experiencing His Presence by Tommy Tenney (challenged me - I read it slowly)

  • If I had to give One Book to someone to read - it would be the Bible. Without God's life giving words I would be lost.
  • If I could have only One Book - it would be the Bible - the Only Truth we have in this world.
  • I would give up reading All books - to have one copy of the Book written by the lover of my soul - the Book that shines light and life into me.
  • I don't care if you ever read any of the books on my top 10 list - but I have a burning passion for all to read the Bible and let it's power change their lives.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Farm visits

The lazy days of summer go fast ... although on the farm there are very few lazy days.

My days are "full" when the kids and grandkids come home and we make memories, messes, roasted marshmellows -- and many miracles!

Nate the Great - our one and only son, came home in June bringing alot of Joy with him - that is Mariah Joy, someone special God has put in his life. I loved seeing the farm through her eyes - as she loves the Creator and all He has given us. She's a night-owl and a risk taker -- climbing to the top of the quonset and doing a little barn raiding.

July 4th we celebrated with the Jensen's, everything being a thrill through Miracle's eyes and Matthias just smiling through it all. We put our son-in-law to work making haybales for the 1st time and it was quickly noted - as we drove along the countryside and saw other bales that they were the best bales ever made! Prayers with Miracle on my prayer chair where she makes sure I say A-men instead of Ah-men (like my gramma Evenrud) are instilled in me forever.

Being honest - I like it that Link - our 18 month old grandson - really likes me and doesn't take much to grandpa -- or even seem to like him. He's very interesting to watch as he has to figure out how the toy works more than he plays with it. Kora, his 4 month old sister, is cuter than cute -- and smiles as much as she spits at this point - but we don't care! Everyone who sees her is taken with her big brown eyes and all her brown hair sticking up from the latest trendy headband.

All 6 Breker's descended and filled the house. The energy, enthusiasm and never-ending creativy were obvious. Grandpa is definitely #1 and fishing, fieldwork, and the 4-wheeler found 2 little boys at his side. The entire house became a library as little Miss Reader went to the bookmobile and read every book we brought home. I loved taking a sneak peak when she was playing in her "own space" - making cards for her mom or lining up the prayer bears for a special service. My little soft hearted Noah blessed me with "The 3 Bears" puppet show and loved the weater balloons - 75 balloons were not enough, I'll have more next t ime. Little Gideon keeps up with it all whether at the zoo or on the clue hunt - and is so smart you forget he's only 3. Benaiah's likes to have his mom in view - but I did sneak in some special "just the 2 of us" moments.

Then to top it off 4 more of our favorite kids came out to visit (with their parents minus one dad) - Ryland, Collin, Kera, and Braden - now Texans - yelled and squealed with delight at running through the thick bush of weeds and jumping in the canola -- bringing what seems like half the field with them back to the house. We are indeed blessed and consider them part of our family, having a strong bond glued together by the love of Christ.

It was a week full of fun and fantastic moments which we've finally (maybe) recovered from!

Looking forward.......waiting in a clean and organized and quiet house.......for the sound of little voices and little fingerprints to come once again.