Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A special bond

"When she heard your voice, her face light up", said my daughter over a phone call, referring to my 21 month old granddaughter, Miracle.

She and I have a special bond. It starts the 1st time I held her, which wasn't until she was over a weeks old. I was sick when she was born and could not visit her; but when I did take her in my arms for the first time, she settled right in.

Each visit to her house was something special for me. I didn't realized I was "special" until her mom and dad would say -- "she doesn't smile like that for everyone else". Then as she learned to walk, she would run to me with her hands up, and a smile on her face.

I love tucking her in at night, praying a blessing over her and telling her I'll be there in the morning. And she always remembers, and in the morning I hear "gramma" as she waits for me to come and get her.

Her brother, Matthias, was born August 10th and I went to take care of her. What a JOY to snuggle with her in the morning and play hide and seek under the covers. We both ate cocoa wheats and got them all over our hair. We ate in the cafeteria at the hospital and everyone who walked by smiles at her, she smiles back and says "hi".

Tomorrow Jerry and I are flying to see our new grandson, Matthias, and to hold him for the first time. New life, new blessings. And the special bond with Miracle will continue.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm sitting here looking out my patio window at the clear blue sky, the wind is blowing the trees gently, the grass is turning brown, the firepit is empty. The kids visited, calling this home once again. The grandkids brought this place alive. Harvest is in full swing. The grain truck just drove through the yard, grandpa picking up the lunch.

It is quiet now, very quiet. Yet I can hear the water boiling on the stove now, ready to add the green beans to freeze for a later date. I just searched for and played Justin Upton's song, "Freedom Reigns". I was reading through 2 Corinthians and verse 17 motivated me to find the song. It says "The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. [This is not the same freedom the world gives. This is life - letting God show His glory through us.]

If you're tired, and you are, there is freedom. [I talk to so many women, who are tired - but there is freedom. You can have God's sweet perfume, which smells like life and brings life. ]

Freedom reigns in this place, showers of mercy and grace, falling on every face, there is freedom. [When I fall on my face, the Lord has showered me with mercy and grace.]

Jesus reigns in this place. [He reigns in this quiet home.]

So lift your eyes to Jesus, and find freedom. [Again today I will lift my eyes and say yes to the glory of God.]