Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There's a Robin

My husband and I thought we'd have a "crud club".  We've been coughing and hacking and laying around with "the crud" for about a week.  We both rotated a varous times of the early morning to other beds to force some sleep on the other.  Our attitude has started to lean on the g word -- as we are so sick off this "crub or curd or crud", whatever you want to call it that you might her a grumble or two coming from our house.

I've been reading through the book of John this month.  It's been hard to read the last week because of my "crudy head" and as I turned to Chapter 6 today the 1st word I noticed on the page was "grumble".  Seems like we people have been "grumbling" forever and we seen to take some kind of comfort in it.  "STOP grumbling" Jesus said.  This chapter has alot more to say -- but these are the only TWO words I needed for today.  "Stop grumbling".

And why should I -- I still don't feel that good, I'm still hacking .... and then my hubby said "Look, there's a robin."    I looked up -- and there they were -- not just one, but 3 robins -hopping around the barren trees and the ground still covered with snow; not grumbling, but joyfully flying around knowing and trusting their Creator would be provide everything they need. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Power - The Only Way

When I opened "31 Days of Power" by Ruth Myers, my 1st thought was - this does not look as good as her other 2 books, which I devoured and learned so much from.  I thought it was just another book of Bible verses put together with another author's viewpoint.  I browsed it without much interest.

Then one morning my son called with a problem in his life, which just frustrated me because of the dishonesty and lies of the people in this world.  Then my daughter  called an hour later and needed to vent about a hard situation, again bent on the deceit of this world and how it sucks us in.

I wanted to just escape all of this and was really not feeling that good.  I ran to the TV to watch a movie on Netflix and while going to the movie Ellen came on.  As I watched this show for a couple minutes reality stuck and it was as if the Lord said "You don't need to watch TV - you need to pray."  I knew this was true immediately.

When I went to pray, there was "31 Days of Power".  I picked it up and started praying the verses outloud - going into war for my daughter and my son.  Then I knew why I had chosen this book.  I prayed through several days of prayers .... and as the subtitle says, immediately I was "Learning to Live in Spiritual  Victory".

This book IS as good as Mrs.  Myers other books.  It is a great and powerful tool to use everyday and especially on those days you just don't "feel" like interceeding or praying.  Her love for the Word of God is so strong.  She is a spiritual pilgrim who shares from her own experiences.  Whether your battle is large or small, this book will help you to put on the armor you need for the fight, and will give you the assurance that we win.

Disclaimer: I received this book compliments of Waterbrook Multnomah for which I am so thankful.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How a Day Changes

Yesterday - after finally getting my hubby home from Texas - via Detroit, Minneapolis, Bismarck -- the long route,  and I, myself, staying in town for Sunday through Tuesday (an extra night) and driving 300 miles -- I was settled into staying home and really enjoying it!!  By settling in I mean throwing in a load of clothes, making some muffins and getting caught up on email. 

Then the phone rang....

God had other plans for my day.

And I said "yes".

It would have been easier to give any of the excuses below which were all true.

  • I just got home and don't want to drive another 100 miles
  • My husband is really busy and needs me to be here
  • I'm getting company tomorrow and have to get my house ready
  • I'm tired and my body is aching
But I didn't.  Somehow what I've been studying in the word of God and what I've challenged with through our new pastor - I knew I had to go.  By going I was:
  • forgetting about my own agenda which I love to hang onto
  • letting His Spirit take to to a new place that i wasn't necessarity comfortable with
  • putting people above of stuff to do
  • letting God use his weak vessel with the equipment he has given me
Oh how amazing is our God.  To let him write out my schedule, adjust my plans, and rewrite my list is something i truly am ready for.  I'd just better buckle up with his word -- because it's going to be quite a ride.