Monday, May 20, 2013


It took me awhile to get out of bed and open my eyes this rainy morning.  When I finally did I decided to listen to  "Show Me Your Ways" in my praise time. I love the piano music in this version and how it talks about the faithful ways of God and how in getting to know Him You will climb a mountain and that there is a cost.

It is prayer to know God.
His heart.
His ways.

Then as I sat down to pray for my family and many others, I saw the GIFT.

There is no way to describe it's beauty here in words.
My journal was open (as I leave it) ready for my next entry.
As I looked I saw my daughter's handwriting.
She had written a beautiful prayer
It thanked God for His presence on our farm,
thanked Him for the beauty she saw in removing the dead leaves. There were personal words for me.  Tears of joy appeared as I read.

God's Ways.
flowing and 
pouring over me like a flood.

This GIFT was like
love waiting for me this morning.

And I think love is waiting every morning.
And GIFTS are waiting too.
I just need to get out of bed and open my eyes.

How Worthy God is.
Glory, Honor & Majesty to Him!