Saturday, November 23, 2013

Redeeming Love

The name of this book "Redeeming Love" totally describes the book.  It's a story about loving the one everyone else, including themselves, looks down on.  It's about that love persisting and pursuing and loving unconditionally, when no love is returned.  It's about truly laying your life down to love another, when the other person resists and runs away.  It's a story about pain and terrible evil, about broken lives that look like they can never be mended.  It's about hopelessness, despair, darkness, and death; and out of all this comes hope, joy, light and life.

This is truly the best Christian fiction book I have never read.  I read it 20 years ago and I read it again, celebrating its 20th anniversary.  When God takes a book and makes it His own, it is truly amazing.

I received this book from Waterbrook Press for my honest review.