Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm a first born.  I've always loved being alone.  I used to love when my parents & siblings would go for an evening and I would get to stay home all by myself.  And I'm a Mary -- a women who loves to sit at the feet of Jesus.  These two combined could keep my in my prayer chair for hours.  And the last 2 - 3 years, God has taught me that I am a prayer warrior and an intercessor.  I love praying for others and sending prayers, His word, and devotions to those He has connected me with. But in April of this year I was praying for changes.  The Lord sent me to Idaho to Real Life Church to a discipleship training and then the nudges and kicks to get up and get out of my comfort zone starting coming.

As I was questioning not living closer to my church where I felt a longing to be more involved the Lord reminded me I do not live there (I'm 50 miles away).  I prayed "Show me what else I should change and do to serve you Lord.  Sometimes I think I"m wasting time.  Let nothing hinder my cooperation with You."

After that prayer, I picked up a devotional that said, "we have no right to decide where we should be placed... God engineers everything wherever He places us & we should POUR OUT our lives in wholehearted devotion."

The next day I went into town to help my friend pack up her house.  I was prompted to call two friends... (I did). 

My hubby goes into town for breakfast & coffee every morning.  I never did.  So the Lord kicked me (it seemed like it) and told me to go to town 2 mornings a week.  I did and I do.  I'm forming new relationships.  I prayed to love others unconditionally and that if I was judging others, it would be turned into crazy love for Jesus.

Since then - it's been a wild & crazy summer.  It's been challenging and stretching.

  • My son graduated from college.  We had a grad party with too much food but we ate together.
  • We evaculated our friends and family from their houses - twice.
  • We watched as their houses were flooded.  We cried, we prayed. 
  • My niece & nephew came to stay for a few days We washed clothes and ate together.
  • My cousin & hubby came to stay for a few days. They stayed for 2 months & they washed their clothes & we ate together.
  • My aunt & uncle came to stay for a new days. They washed their clothes & we ate together.
  • We hosted a family & friends picnic.  We ate together.
  • Met the parents of my Indian daughter who were visiting from India.
  • Went to a beautiful lake home for a ministry retreat.  Refreshing, reviving.... we were served and we prayed and praised and ate together.
  • We reunited with cousins at at family reunion.  We ate together.
  • My cousin from Florida stayed with us.  He baked up a storm. We ate it!
  • My cousin from California stayed with us for a week.  We laughed, ate, and washed clothes.
  • Grandchild #10 was born.  Went to meet him.
  • My daughter, son-in-law and 5 grandkids came to stay for a week .  The house was full and wonderful.  And yes, we  ate, and washed clothes.
  • My daughter & 3 grandkids came to stay - moving day was postponed and my son-in-law started a new job.  The house was full and wonderful.  And we ate and washed clothes.
  • I went to stay with the daughter above on moving day.  I washed clothes & played hard with the kids as she unpacked.
  • Grandchild #11 was born and I went to stay for a week.  I washed clothes, played hard, made meals & held a week old baby in my arms. 
Intertwined into each day is God's presence and power. God has shown me intercession does not have to be done with my alone in my prayer chair. It is way of life.  Praying for each one in the midst of them, when I'm living life, when I'm working, when I"m playing, when I"m serving.