Thursday, February 24, 2011

31 Days of Prayer

If Prayer is a passion -- one of my passions is prayer.  This little book "31 days of prayer" by Ruth an Warren Myers was given to me as a gift by one of my prayer partners.  It is simply wonderful.  My copy is highlighted, underlined, written in with different colors, and has exclamation points and astericks thoughout.  There is a different prayer and extra thoughts for each day of the month.  Each prayer is written using the words of our God.  They are powerful and touch your spirit.  It is amazing how they speak into your life and circumstances at just the right time.   The subtitle of this book if "moving God's mighty hand"; Ruth and Warren Meyers share these personal prayers in which they have seen and lived seeing the mighty hand of God move in their lives.  It can also move in yours.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Radical Review

This book could be an easy read for some. Platt writes this book just like you are sitting and having coffee with him and explains the Bible in simple and tangible ways which make it real and leaves you craving more. But this was not a fast read for me. This is a book that challenges me to look inside and outside and all around me to figure out who I really am in this world, what I am doing in this world, and how I am living it out if I say I am a follower of Christ. Platt is not just challenging me, he is living what he writes. His steps out of “the American dream” into a life of radial abandonment to Jesus are simple, yet profound.
He introduces me to take an honest look at Jesus and ask myself if I really believe and really want to obey Christ. What do my decisions & my lifestyle show? This is not easy to do – to evaluate my own life and see just how much I have chosen the “American dream” over faith in Christ. And yet Platt understands as he has the same failings as me. He encourages and offer a simple “Radial Experiment” for me to commit to for a year; and in taking this risk knows that following Jesus will turn my life upside down and crazy and that it will never be the same; and is confident I would never want it to be.
This is a must read for every believer in America. . It’s time to take our faith back and from the American dream and let Jesus Christ transform and make that dream His.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now

I talk to so many people who are deceived. They believe lies. They don't know the Truth and are so indoctrinated by the culture that they actually argue for the lies they believe. They walk around pretending to be full but are empty. They are in despair and confused -as if in a FOG. Only God can part the fog and bring clear skies. And this is not deceit - for "it is God himself who has given those who know Him the work of telling others. So we never give up. We do not try to trick people into believing - we are not interested in fooling anyone. We never try to get anyhone to believe that the Bible teaches what it doesn't. All such shameful methods we forego. We stand in the presence of God as we speak and so we tell the truth, as all who know us will agree." God will let there be light in the dark FOG and will bring bright rainbows and blue skies. Here's one of my favorite songs..... sing along, dance, and enjoy.

Lyrics | Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now lyrics

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Waterbrook Multnomah Book Review "Lady In Waiting"

Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner

The first page of "Lady In Waiting" had me hooked when Jane, the main character, managed an attic store. You see, I come from a town of 80 people, and for ten years I prayed for God to send me a prayer partner. When He did, she opened an antique shop and we had a blast setting it up and buying new products for it. So right away I was connected to Jane and wanted to know more.

Then in Chapter 2, Jane's marriage is on the rocks. I am drawn even closer to Jane now because I talk to so many women who are in similar marraiges; so I am very curious as to what Jane is going to do.

Then the book turns to the 1500's because of an old ring Jane finds and we are introducted to another "Jane". Susan Meissner transitions easily to this time period and the story flows, told passionately by Lucy, Jane' seamstress. This is a book you can't (or don't want to) put down.

I love how the author knows how to relate to us readers in the small things, such as eating "a bag of jalapeno kettle chips, the kind that once you start, you can't stop eating," and in the big things, like our responsibilities and relationships with the family God has given us. Duty and loyalty or the lack of teach us that life for those of royalty is not what it appears to be.

"Lady in Waiting" is like reading two fantastic books at once, one contemporary fiction, and the other historial fiction. It also stretches your imagination to dream and stirs in you to think about your life, the people you love, and the choices you make. This book is about choices we make and how each one is like a ripple in the water and affects th other. Just read it; you won't be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I received this book compliments of Waterbrook Multnomah for which I am so thankful.