Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Broken Kind of Beautiful

This book, "A Broken Kind of Beautiful," by Katie Ganshert, 
  • was fun to read.  I looked forward to sitting and relaxing.
  • has great characters that are just like me and you; flawed and forgiven.
  • intertwines faith that is real and can be understood.
  • has a wonderful love story.  And who doesn't love that?
  • keeps you interest and is easy to read.
This is an all around good fiction so read anytime and reminded me that we are all "A Broken Kind of Beautiful" redeemed by God.

I received this book free from Waterbrook Press for this review.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Its time to redecorate.
New colors.
New decor.

Some of the old stuff just needs to go.

Call it spring fever.
Call it needing a change.

Call it the new season.
Just call it NEW.

I love NEW.
Doesn't everyone?

New pillows usher in new colors.

New kitchen colors, bright & brave! 
(picture coming later)

But I have some Favorite NEWs
that money can't buy.

It's the NEW little hands that now live close to me that are helping to redecorate in various ways.

It's the little guys below having a party in my living room & sometimes end up in the tree house.

It's the NEW boots in my entry.

The NEW mud carried in by 6 little feet.

It's the NEW Normal.

A yard brought alive by laughter & a child's imagination.

It's a farmer's dream come true.
A young man by his side.

Grandkids kicking dirt with their cowboy boots.
The unlikely daughter living 2 minutes away.

This NEW normal is welcome with open arms.
With a NEW wing and a NEW prayer
we take flight.

Hang on -
this redecorating is out of our hands
and in the hands of the Master Redecorator. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Am I in Trouble?

I call her "Miss Delight" (see my post from May 25, 2011).  She's a princess tomboy who's sweet yet tough enough to keep up with her three older brothers.   She is kind and caring.  One morning I said my mouth was dry and she disappears for a moment and appears with a glass of water; quite a kind gesture and feat for a three year old.

She smart enough to know right from wrong, yet she seems to like to get in trouble at times; both her mom and I have fingernail polish painted on objects in our home to remind us of her.  For me, it just reminds me to pray for her and makes me smile.

One morning I when I was visiting, she was the first one awake and sneaks quietly in my room to cuddle and talk.  It was a special moment for me when suddenly I realize her hand in shut tight apparently holding something.  I ask her, "what do you have in your hand?"  She bats her big brown eyes and long lashes, looks down, then up again, and whispers, "Am I in trouble?"

"Can I see what you have in your hand?" I asked.

She slowly opened her hand to reveal four vitamins, which are usually given to her my one of her parents.  Hiding them in her hand, not eating them but wanting too, plagued by her own question, "Am I in trouble?"

I smiled and we talked about asking and waiting for your parents to give your vitamins so they will help you and you "won't be in trouble" or get sick.

I can't help but think about what I hold in my hands and try to hide.  Am I looking up and asking the question "Am I in trouble?" and then will I open my hands and listen to the loving and gentle voice of my Father?

I pray so. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Bible Says Get Up!

She's four years old with long brown hair and big brown eyes.  She makes up long stories and original songs and loves to twirl around in her princess dresses and dance and be noticed.  She has a plan for her day and for your day and is ready to debate if things go any other way.

She comes in the guest room at 7 am with two or her three brothers.  All three are energetic and ready to "play",  pulling on grandpa and gramma to get out of bed!   Longing for more sleep I tell them all that when we wake up, we play a praise song before getting out of bed.   So my grandson, 5 years old and the oldest of the family, sings "Jesus Loves Me".

Kora, our budding song writer, follows with one of her originals.  Singing louding she says "The Bible says GET UP!  The Bible says GET UP!"

What a great day to start our day!

And the next week, in our weekly Bible study we were reading from John 5:8, which says, "GET UP.  PIck up your mat and walk!"