Friday, July 8, 2016


I met him at "Famous Dave's", my husband's favorite restaurant.  He was a young energetic college student with a passion for life.  I connected with this passion that led to prayer that led to a power beyond all of us and paved a path for the future.  My son-in-law and daughter joined him in fervant prayer for this new movement to reach the people around them.  None of them knew that God was about to do something greater and more than they imagined.

The college student was Nick Hall, now the author of his first book, "Reset". This book is proof that one life can impact a generation.  This book shows us how "Jesus Changes Everything" (as the subtitle says) when you "Reset" your life with Him.  This book tells how one heart turned towards God and saying yes can stir the people around you and start a movement that cannot be stopped.

God is on the move and the message of this book confirms that.  What a great blessing to review it.
Thank you Waterbrook Press for this honor.