Thursday, October 10, 2013

Forever Friday

“Devoted to You” was the name of one of the songs we had at our wedding.  So I totally get the theme of “two hearts devoted as one” in this book.  The book really grabbed me at the beginning.  I like how it starts out in modern day with Adam and Yvette, and then travels back to meet this crazy in love couple, Gabe and Pearl.   Yet I was disappointed in that as their love deepens as they go through life’s ups and downs, nothing seems to happen with their faith.   And because of that, nothing really happens to Adam’s faith either.  They were devoted to each other but that seemed to be it, because any devotion that was to their God or a Savior who loved them so much he died for them, only came out as holding on to the words of an angel and looking for him most of their lives.

This is well written but in a day with so marriage so shaky, Gabe’s character as an over the top romantic is not reality for most of us.  My husband has written me several poems throughout our 35 years of marriage and we are “two hearts devoted as one” but only because we have been strengthened by Christ’s romantic love intertwining with ours.
This was what I thought was lacking in “Forever Friday”.

I received this book from Waterbrook Press for my honest review.