Friday, December 7, 2012


A tangled mess, that's what they were, the string of Christmas lights I took out of the attic. I guess I thought I could just get the lights and string them perfectly on the tree in five minutes and it would be beautiful and perfect. Instead I was trying to untangle the string for over ten minutes - and not joyfully at all. Then it struck me how our lives are just like these lights: tangled. While we would like them to be beautiful and perfect, simple, and organized, they are complicated, involved, complex, confused, messy, and mixed-up; and we are frustrated more than joyful. The Christmas music was playing in the background. I should have been singing along, remembering the reason I was decorating; but I wasn't! Then the words of a song I had been listening to in the car called "No Room", came to me.  It talks about how when Jesus was ready to be born, his parents could not find a motel room anywhere - there was "No Room".  The chorus goes like this: 

No room, no room 
Sorry but life's too full to let you in 
No space, no place for the Savior Jesus 
No room. 

 Are our lives so tangled that we have no room for Jesus?  We can get so busy, or so stressed, or preoccupied, that all of a sudden our string of lights is tangled and there is "No Room" for Jesus.  We might be getting our shopping done, our baking completed, or our house decorated, but   our days leave "No Room" for the reason we are celebrating.

Let's open the "inn" of our heart and let Him in. I want to be like shepherds, who hurried off to find Him and when they had seen Him, spread the word. Their lives were not tangled, and they were joyful and singing and praising God. They made room in their lives for a Savior. May we do the same.