Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You Know You're A Redneck

You know you’re a red-neck when:

v You try to fly standby to Cancun during spring break!

v You don’t even know its spring break until you get to the Minneapolis airport and college kids are everywhere!

v You wind up in Louisville, KY and stay at the hotel the stewardess recommended which ends up being the most expensive one!

v You go to Mexico with no dollar bills for tips!

v You hear 5 different languages and can’t understand a thing!

v You think you are just getting a shuttle but you are being set up for a timeshare!

v You find out “wireless available” does not mean it’s free and in your room!

Top ten things about our trip to Mexico:

1.      There is no place you can go that God is not there.

2.     Hanging out with Danny & Christal.

3.     The ocean – gazing at it, swimming in it,  looking for shells, late night walks.

4.     The pool – relaxing and exercising.

5.     Guacamole at every meal – well, maybe not breakfast.

6.     Beautiful weather (we got tan).

7.     Starry nights – but not quite as nice as North Dakota.

8.     Not getting a king-size bed turned out great – we moved the two double beds together and made it one great big giant bed!

9.     We got to go to Tipp City, Ohio for 2 nights and loved it!

10. Now we really appreciate the USA!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Who did it?  Who are the good guys?  Who are the bad guys?  These are just some of the questions I was asking myself when reading “Not This Time” by Vicki Hinze.  Grabbed by the suspense in the first two pages of this book, I was ready for a great read.

The intrigue continues but it gets very complicated when so many characters are introduced it was hard to keep them straight, and there are so many different organizations involved it was hard to really understand what each one had to do with anything.  The plot is one which you cannot figure out and twists and turns.

The main characters seem to know each other well and yet they are always thinking things about the other and analyzing.  There are long phone conversations with each other and then you get to go insides their minds.  It was a little crazy. 

The so-called love story is subtle and yet evolves in a strange sort of way and leaves you writing your own story at the end.  Faith is brought in to a small degree but nothing radial, the characters are mostly trying to run life on their own.

Reading this you may think I didn’t enjoy the book at all, but I did.  Crime and deception are complicated and anyone passionate about this type of fiction would want to read this book.  This Is the first book I’ve read by Vicki Hinze and I would read her again.  Perhaps I would have understood this better if I had read books one and two of this Crossroads Crisis Center Series.

I received this book free from Waterbrook/Multnomah in exchange for this review.