Monday, January 10, 2011

Reading & More Reading

In 2010, I decided to read the books that had been on my shelves collecting dust. I had either gotten them as a gift or picked them up randomly. It was either read them or give them away. I took them out and put them in a basket (I mean baskets) so I could easily see them. Many of them were nonfiction, which I really like, so I had to throw in a fiction from a friend or the library just to lighten up my reading every once in a while. So here's list of the 2010 books I read!

1. Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury - this is a fiction book about abortion and finding forgivesness. It's an easy read and has strong emphasis in scripture and prayer.

2. Unveiled by Francene Rivers - this is the a historial fiction on the real life of Tamar from the Bible. She is such a great writer and it brings this sad story alive.

3. The Beginner's Guide to Fasting by Elmer Towns - this was a wonderful book and it really stirred my faith. This is one of the books God used to move my heart to Praise Him and to seek His Presence and Power (the 3P's) in a new way in 2010. I'd like to read more book by him.

4. Called & Accountable by Henry Blackaby - this was my son's book and it was fun to read because he had written in it and highlighted. I also highlighted so this book is marked up. It is full of scripture and wisdom and I loved it. It is the 2nd book that God gave me with the 3P's in for 2010.

5. If I Gained the World by Linda Nichols - was a wonderful fiction book with scriptures and God's hand in the characters, with the rejected and desolute turning to Christ to transform their lives. A great read and I recommend to everyone. I finished in book on the airplane and gave to another woman who was reading.

6. Triving Despite a Difficult Marraige by Michael & Chuck Misja - this is a very good book on marriage and hot to live (thrive) God's way (I read and have alot of book on marriage because God has given me a passion for marriage His way.)

7. Shaped by Faith by Theresa L.Rowe - tells 10 secrets to strengthening the body and soul. Good information on whole body wellness, combining exercises, physically and spiritually. Wonderful prayers at the end of each chapter. (This book came with a DVD of pilates exercises with soft music, great instruction and the words of God being read during exercises.)

8. Living the Lord's Prayer by David Timms - this is a fantastic book. Eleven chapters that tke phrases of the Lord's prayer and go deep to really know the Lord. Not a quick easy read. I really should read it again to grasp more. The ideal thing would be to read this with others and dicussion as a study. (David Timms writes a weekly devotional that is worthy looking up.)

9. Victory over Darkness by Neil Anderson - a great book on knowing your identity in Christ.

10. Come Thirsty by Max Lucado - an easy to read book, faith strengthening stories and scripture.

11. All That Glitters by Gilbert Morris. I really did not like this book and just wanted to get through with it. The end was my favorite party and a few other spots where faith was brought in.

12. The Hidden Power of a Believer's Touch by Mahesh Chavda is on healing and the power of the Holy Spirit. This was another book on my road to know the Lord more initmately.

13. Then Comes Marraige by Angela Hunt & Bill Myers is a novella about marraige and doubt and your vows to God. It's a cute book and good for newlyweds.

14. Forgotten God by Francis Chan. My husband (who doesn't read many books) bought this book and read it first. It is a fantastic book on learning and living with the Holy Spirit in our lives. Great examples that will WOW you.

15. Cast the Wind before me by Brandlynn Collins is an easy to read fiction book that I read when I was visiting my grandkids. It's a fast read because you have to find out what happens. It's an okay book but not my favorite.

16. Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas is a great book on marriage from a male author. Biblical perspective and sound teaching and real life examples. I highly recommend this book.

17. Take 3 by Karen Kingsbury. I was not going to read this because Take 1 and Take 2 were not my favorites but our bookmobile sent it to me. It's an easy read and better than the first two but still not my favorite. It is too much back and forth with the thoughts of college age kids and not enough scripture.

18. Total Forgiveness by RT Kendall was recommended to me by one of my prayer partners. I related more to the last half of the book. It has great tools and increased my awareness to forgive God's way.

19. Faith Like Potatoes by Angus Buchan. A friend gave Jerry this post to read. I wasn't going to read it since I'd seen the moviw but it was a small book and I knew it would only take me a couple days so I read it. What a huge blessing! It's a story of someone who falls in love with God and commits his life to get to know and listen and act and obey and follow Him. I loved this book. It is about common sense and God and if you step out He does miracles.

20. Oswald Chambers Abandoned to God by David McCasland. Wow, what a man and what a wife, people really and truly abandoned to God. This book left me wanting to leave mroe of myself and want more of Him.

21. A Love Worth Giving by Max Lucado. Max is s great storyteller and went through 1 Corinthians 13. Chapter 12 was my favorite.

22. Turn by Max Lucado - a great book on 1 Chonicles.

23. Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. An excellent book that ALL women should read. God has alot to say through this author.

24. The Secret's of Dr. Kildare by Max Brand. I picked this 1939 fiction up off my friend's shelf of antic book. It was fun easy reading but I missed the "more" that I find in Christian fictionl

25. The Power of Praying Together by Stormie Omartian & Jack Hayford. This book really confirms and teaches my beliefs in prayer and taught me alot more of waht an intercessor is and drives me to want to pray and be in prayer groups.

26. Loneliness by Elizabeth Elliott. One of my favorite books. She is a great writer. It's about losing our lives for the Lord and laying our lives down.

27. At the Scent of Water by Linda Nichols. She is my favorite fiction author right now. This book is based on the book of Job - suffering, pride, blame, repenance and forgiveness.

28. Take Four by Karen Kingsbury. As in Take Three, not my favorite fiction. Too much college girl drama for me.

29. Mark of the Lion Series Book 1 - Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers
30. Book 2 - Echo in the Darkness
31. Book 3 - Sure of the Dawn
  • My friend gave my these books and told me to read them. They are at least 500 pages each and I thought "maybe sometime", but once I started I was captivated. Rivers has written life-changing fiction that stirs you to become an empty vessel so Christ can fill you to serve Him and others in radial ways. If you like to read, these are a MUST.

32. God's Missionary People by Charles VanEngen. I read this for our Wednesday night study at church. It was a hard read, dry but lots of Biblical points.

33. Crazy Love by Francis Chan was one of those books thata challenged me to love the Lord and love others and to step out of my comfort zone into the world to be a disciple of Jesus. I loved it and should read it again. This book should not be on the shelf. I would love to discuss it slowly with others and be held accountable to live as crazy in love with Jesus.

34. THE BIBLE -- All year I was reading through the Bible -- the living words of God. They are always life changing. I had to read it quickly and there were so many times I wanted to study and know more. I do not consider it an accomplishment, I consider it a privledge and an honor. May God give me the mind and heart to remember His words, to live them out daily, and share them with others.