Tuesday, April 26, 2011


1.  Sounds
  • A chorus of bird singing in our trees....beautiful and unbelielveable
  • The knocking of the sump pump as it winds down .... knock, knock, grrr, knock
  • Our morning praise song .... great to wake up to
  • The telephone ringing .... inevitable
  • The beep of my cell phone ... I love getting texts
  • The shop vac roaring as my husband sucks up the water in the basement

2.  Moments
  • Skyping my grandkids  -- indescribable
  • Praying with my husband - indescribable
  • Beating my husband at pinochle -- fun!
  • Riding my new bike -- I"m out of shape
  • Helping my friend pack - I'm out of shape!
  • Quiet time in my prayer chair -- indescribable
3.  Thoughts
  • Oh, lonesome me.
  • God is able to use a weak, lonesome woman
  • I want to be as thankful as my husband for these inconveniences
  • Here's my life Lord ... help me to sing like the birds

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Canary List

This book was a page turner from the prologue on.  The intrigue and suspense was so intense and I wanted to find out how it would turn out and what was going to happen to my favorite characters, Crockett Grey, a school teacher, living with heartache, and Jamie, a foster child, looking for real love.  It is an extremely bazaar plot and keeps getting more and more bazaar as the book goes on and actually ends on that note.  It's complicated and I was never sure who the true good guys and bad guys were and the end leaves me hanging, not knowing if the characters I love will get there lives restored.  For those of you who love tangled messes and consipracy, this is your book.  For those of you like me who like the relationships and life situations resolved, read carefully.  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.